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Business Solutions

Valence for Business

Valence is an end-to-end, fully customizable solution for your business.  If you have a business problem that may have previously required a custom software solution or you cannot seem to find a solution to your needs, give us a shout; we may be able to solve your puzzle with Valence.

Contact Management

At its core, Valence is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Track your customers, vendors, and other contacts using the built-in Contact module.  Store any number of addresses, phone numbers, remarks, and files per Contact. 

The system supports an unlimited number of configurable Contact Types and Statuses.

You can customize the data you collect on a Contact by adding custom fields, allowing configuration of any custom properties you need to track about a Contact.

Job/Project Tracking

Use the built-in Matter object to track Jobs or Projects. The Matter object is also extendable using custom fields, allowing you to follow whatever data you need.  Use statuses to track job/project status, and Valence workflow can be used to drive a project through a specific business process.

The Filing object can be configured to track Issues/Tickets per job/project as needed.

The system can track time and expenses per job and can be used to generate and track Invoices automatically.




Business Process Management

BPM refers to determining where items are in a Business process and who is working on them.  Contacts and Matters (along with several other data records) allow client-defined types and statuses.  Statuses can show where items are within a defined business process.  Business processes can vary by Type.  Valence supports several work assignment mechanisms, including Pending Actions and Staff Assignments.  These can be manually assigned or assigned using Valence Workflow.  Individual dashboards can be configured to show staff work assignments; management dashboards can be configured to display key performance indicators.



Self-Service Portal / Online Form Submission

Valence provides a self-service public web portal that external customers and vendors can access.  The public portal is highly configurable.  

Powered by Valence Workflow and SimpleForms, Valence provides a powerful and intuitive online forms submission experience. 

Valence SimpleForms are web-based and responsive, allowing clients to submit forms online using their mobile (or any) device.  Valence online forms support the ability of the submitter to upload and attach files as required.  These files are bundled with the submitted form(s) and routed through BPM as a package. 

Our configurable validations ensure the form data is complete and accurate, resulting in high approval rates.  Configurable fee schedules allow Valence to correctly calculate any required costs, even when said costs are dependent on the information provided on the submitted Form.   Costs can be paid online or mailed and subsequently linked to the Form using a Tracking number.

Receivables Tracking

Valence includes a revenue module to generate and track fees, payments, deposit batches, allocations, revenue codes, and reconciliation.  Valence can integrate with multiple payment processors allowing online payment.  Valence provides standard reports for collections, revenue distribution, daily deposits, and a slick financial dashboard.  Standard NSF processing is supplied out of the box but can be expanded using the Valence workflow.  The system integration features of Valence allow integration with external web-based accounting systems.



Document Management

Document Management within Valence allows electronic documents to be associated with contacts, matters, and other types of data records. The electronic documents are shared easily among Valence users and remove the burden of dealing with paper files. Valence document management supports full-text indexing and searching.  Like most data records in Valence, documents can be locked down using security levels.  


Reporting within Valence allows customers to report on any data stored within their data.  Valence has a library of standard reports and supports the ability to add additional custom reports as part of the implementation.  All configured reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel, or HTML, and reports can be scheduled to run automatically with multiple delivery methods supported.  Valence also supports ad-hoc reporting through our Advanced Find Tool, which can be exported to Excel.  Additionally, Valence supports the configuration of interactive, custom dashboards.


Valence can send notifications to Contacts, Mailing Lists, and Service Lists.  Notifications can be triggered by a workflow event (i.e., an Estimate has been Approved) or based on a Scheduled Job.  Notifications can be sent as an Email or SMS Text Message.  All notifications can be saved in the Correspondence History for a Contact or Matter.



Systems Integration

In today's connected world, it has become increasingly important for your software system to integrate seamlessly with external applications.  Valence Workflow has out-of-box functionality allowing it to connect to any RESTful or SOAP Webservice or FTP endpoint exposed by external applications.  Conversely, Valence provides a configurable RESTful API that allows external systems to retrieve data from Valence or push data into Valence through defined secure endpoints.  For non-tech heads, Valence can be configured to play nice with other applications.


Valence has specific integrations with Nintex AssureSign and DocuSign.  Valence workflow initiates a document Signature Request using one of these platforms.  The request is tracked within Valence using our Correspondence object.  Once the document is signed, the signature service performs a callback to Valence, at which point Valence can import the signed package into its document management system and move forward in the Workflow.  If you use a different e-Signature platform, we can add that integration to the application.

Our software: Valence

Valence is a web-based Customizable-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Licensing, Case Management, and CRM System developed and sold by Dorger Software Architects, Inc.

Valence features out-of-the-box functionality for Case Management, Licensing, CRM, Revenue Tracking, Document Management, and much more. 

We tailor Valence to our client’s requirements instead of forcing that client into a predefined box.

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