Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence

We are very proficient at databases, from logical data modeling and physical database design to performance optimization and maintenance. Our senior engineers average over 15 years of experience designing and building database driven applications. Our preferred database platform is Microsoft SQL Server, however, we have ongoing projects that also utilize PostgreSQL and we have experience with DB2 and MySQL.

Data Aggregation, Exchange and Conversion
We lump these services together because of the similar skills required to be successful at each. Generally, data aggregation (or integration) involves combining data residing in different sources and providing a unified view of the data. This is very common in Data Warehousing projects, but while the term Data Warehouse may conjure images of a large scale project this can also occur on a smaller scale. Sometimes, this could just mean rolling up data from disparate MS Access databases and Excel spreadsheets into a common SQL database application.
We encounter a lot of projects that require two or more data sources to exchange data. For an example, an order processing system exporting orders to a separate accounting system. Data Exchange can occur on a scheduled (batch) or real-time basis and can be accomplished using a number of different strategies. We will work with you to determine to best solution for your requirements.
Do you need to take data in a legacy system (database or other data source) and move it forward into a new system? This is a Data Conversion and we are pretty accomplished at these too.

Reporting and Analytics

One of the great benefits of collecting and storing data in a database is the ability to help your business become more competitive.  This is where Reporting and Analytics come into play.  We are skilled in Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting services. You may also want to talk with us about developing a web based executive dashboard or depending on your needs we could put this information at your finger tips with an iPhone application.

Software Development

Great software takes great design, solid architecture and a disciplined approach to construction. As we tell our clients, you have to start with a solid foundation. As such, we prefer the term Construction.


As a Microsoft Partner, we have access to all the latest technologies offered by the software giant.  As part of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft released a development tool called LightSwitch.  Utilizing LightSwitch, we have built customized applications in a fraction of the time it normally takes to build complex business solutions.

Dorger Software Architects, Inc. not only understood what we wanted, they offered suggestions that helped to make our filing system one of the best in the country.

Thomas H. Riley, III
Business Services Division, Mississippi Secretary of State's Office

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